Exercise. This activity comes in many forms, and has been proven to be an ideal pursuit to deliver a wide range for people of all ages. If you’re a senior over the age of 65, however, regular exercise can spell the difference between a high quality of life and one that is rife with health concerns. It pays to get out and moving, and if you’re an elderly resident of Indiana, our home care services are here to help!

Your Healing Touch is here to provide complete in-home care across Indianapolis, and our highly trained staff strives to deliver ideal support to help patients of all ability levels to achieve the highest quality of life possible. Whether you’re looking for in-home nursing or personal care services, we have the services needed to personalize an ideal program to keep you or your loved one happy and healthy at all times.

While our staff strives to support senior citizens with a variety of daily tasks, it’s important to remember that activities such as regular exercise can work wonders for elderly family members. Today, we’ll highlight a few benefits of physical activity for the elderly, as well as the value of our support services.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise

There’s no doubt that working out can provide a plethora of positives for children and adults, but keep in mind that seniors are especially at-risk for problems if they commit to a sedentary lifestyle. If your loved one currently lives a sedentary lifestyle, it can prove beneficial to assist them in starting a routine. Starting small (i.e. walking around the block) is fine, as long as steps are being taken.

It can also help to explain the benefits of moving more. Exercise can deliver a full range of benefits, including among them the top advantages such as:

  • Increased strength and bone density — A lack of exercise can lead to rapid decreases in bone density and muscle definition, increasing the risk for falls, breaks, and other problems. Simple physical activities can deliver ideal protection from these problems.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease — Coronary complications are among the top killers in the United States today. Regular exercise can reduce blood pressure and increase blood flow, improving heart health.
  • Reduced risk of falls — Weakness, slow reflexes, and a lack of mobility can increase the risk of falls for seniors. It is essential to minimize these dangers wherever possible.
  • Better management of chronic illnesses — Those dealing with problems such as diabetes can incorporate exercise into their daily activities to gain an upper hand in managing lifelong illnesses.
  • Maintain healthier joints — Swelling and complications of arthritis can be debilitating, but regular exercise can help to alleviate these issues. If you or a loved one are dealing with joint problems, be sure to speak with your medical provider for how to best address this problem.
  • Reduced anxiety and resist depression — Feeling cooped up or immobile can have a negative effect on most adults. Seniors who exercise more will have an ideal outlet, helping to balance mood regulation and increase feelings of independence.
  • Help with preventing dementia — Studies have shown that exercise is a beneficial prevention strategy that can help to slow the mental decline associated with many senior citizens.
  • Increased sleep and restfulness — As our last blog post pointed out, exercise can help to wear you out, improving sleep time and avoiding many of the problems associated with insomnia.

Minimizing Risks

Unfortunately, sedentary lifestyles are common amongst seniors. According to the CDC, a third of men and half of women over the age of 75 engage no physical activity, increasing the risks associated with zero exercise. Simple activities such as walking, gardening, and swimming are popular choices that can deliver considerable benefits.

Aging Americans face a higher level of risk when it comes to a wide range of chronic health conditions. Heart disease, obesity, arthritis, and more can all prove problematic. Exercise has been proven to be an ideal solution for individuals of all ages. Incorporating regular physical activity into your routine can provide a measurable boost to your quality of life, so be sure to get moving!

Our In-Home Senior Care Can Help

Your Healing Touch is here to provide comprehensive in-home care to senior citizens in Indianapolis and across the state, and our team is trained to deliver the best results to help our patients achieve the highest quality of life possible. Our trained in-home nursing staff can provide complete medical assistance while our personal service agents can assist in day-to-day tasks to help seniors remain in the comfort of their own homes.

Studies show that one of the best ways to help senior citizens stick to a regular exercise routine is to provide the right level of support. Our home care services can incorporate services to encourage proper physical activities. If you’re in need of professional in-home senior care, be sure to contact us today to see how we can help.