Today, modern medicine has helped to increase the life expectancy to new lengths, allowing us more valuable time to spend with our aging family members. Unfortunately, the complexities of senior health and reduced mobility can impact everyone’s quality of life. Instead of struggling to provide the proper care for your elderly family member, you can reach out to a professional home health agency for assistance.

Your Healing Touch is proud to be among Indianapolis’ top in-home care agencies, providing complete and personalized care for every individual. We’re here to support you and your family, delivering an ideal level of quality and care to ensure that everyone makes the most out of this precious time.

If you have been on the fence about considering home care services, be sure to read our blog post before contacting us to learn more about our approach to your loved one’s happiness.

Independence for Everyone

Home care services are vital for many aging residents because they can help individuals maintain and regain their independence. Living within the comfort of your own home cannot be matched by any facility, seriously impacting your quality of life when you are forced to move into a new residence. In-home senior care can be tailored to provide the perfect amount of support for you or your loved one, delivering consistent results to let our patients make the most of their freedom.

Senior citizens with intense or long-term medical needs can be a lot for many families to care for, which is why our in-home care is so valuable for family members as well. Our team will develop a plan that allows your elderly relative to live their life as freely as possible, also giving you the ability to focus on other priorities than medical care. This can give your family the time to spend focusing on catching up, benefiting everyone involved.

Medical Expertise

Bluntly stated, many at-home care companies employ workers that — while skilled in their profession — lack the medical training to provide care in the event that medical intervention is required. Our in-home nursing team conforms to rigorous training and continual refresher courses to ensure that we are up to speed on all in-home care services. A majority of senior citizens rely on one or more forms of prescription medicine, necessitating a professional to provide care and clarity to minimize the dangers of any forgotten or overtaken medication.

Your Healing Touch is here to deliver quality in-home care to Indianapolis residents, delivering personalized support that provides the perfect level of medical care for you or your loved one. Contact us today to learn about our senior care services!

Loving Human Interactions

While we strive to deliver the most precise in-home nursing services, our at-home care team is happy to spend time with your loved one. We’re proud to provide our Top Rated Local® in-home care to Indianapolis residents, and our companionship services serve as the cornerstone to our success.

Human interactions are precious, and investing time and care into others can prove to be beneficial for everyone involved. Families have to adhere to busy schedules, making it difficult to visit their elderly family member more than once a week. Your Healing Touch is here to make the most of our time with every patient, becoming more like a family member than a home health care professional.

We Provide Non-Medical Home Care Services, Too

Your Healing Touch specializes in medical at-home care and companionship services, but our team can also lend a hand in the regular care of your loved one and their home. Attendant care, basic housekeeping, wardrobe assistance, laundry help, and meal preparation services are all a part of our personal services, delivering the exact support you or your loved one may need throughout the course of a regular week. Small tasks, such as medication reminders, can result in serious improvements for the entire family, so be sure to contact our team to learn about our complete in-home services.

Complete Home Health Care

Ultimately, our success at Your Healing Touch can be attributed to our complete approach to in-home care solutions across Indianapolis. Regardless of each individual’s needs, we will work tirelessly to deliver the best results. Every senior we work with is unique, prompting us to personalize our home care services for the best results.

Contact us today to learn more about our in-home care services!