At-Home Nursing Care in Indianapolis

The decision to place a loved one in an assisted living center is a challenging and emotionally difficult process. If your loved one is still able to live on their own, but may require medical service to ensure they are safe and healthy, Your Healing Touch offers at-home care, giving you a way to avoid assisted living. 

Our skilled nurses can be there to administer blood draws for testing, manage infusion therapies, aid in wound care, and we’ll even help train family members on some tasks, helping you give the best possible care. Whatever ailment or condition your loved one is facing, we will be there to provide services that would otherwise have to be done in a hospital. This allows your loved one to maintain their independence and feelings of comfort in their home, while also getting the medical assistance they need. 

Your Healing Touch is committed to serving our clients with compassion and integrity, doing everything we can to ensure your loved one is safe, comfortable, and able to live a high-quality life. We understand that needing elder care is stressful and can mark a time in your life when it’s your turn to provide care for a parent, grandparent, or elderly family member. But you can rest assured that they are well taken care of with the help and support from Your Healing Touch.

If you’re looking for at-home care, but your loved one’s needs may not require a skilled nurse, we also offer home health aide services as well as personal care services. We can tailor our service to what you need, making the process as simple and effective as possible. We are always here to help make your life and the life of your loved one easier.

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