We all tend to get a little more forgetful as we grow older. Sometimes it’s forgetting to call a friend or loved one, forgetting to run an errand, or missing an appointment that we made. Other times, though, we forget things that are a bit more serious, like a doctor’s visit or taking our medications. Things like that can, in some cases, have serious repercussions. As we grow older, our memory doesn’t function quite as well as it once did. How are we able to avoid instances like these from happening? We could leave ourselves reminders of what we have to do, but even that requires us to remember to leave the reminder.

At Your Healing Touch, we provide high quality in-home personal care services to Central Indiana residents in need. Whether it’s something as simple as daily companionship or something more specific like transportation to and from your errands, we are here to help make your life easier.

Missing Medications Is a Common Problem

The FDA reports that:

  • 50% of the time, medications are not taken as prescribed
  • The majority of patients with prescription medications for chronic diseases stop taking their medications (or take doses that are too low) after six months
  • Between 20% and 30% of new prescriptions are never filled at the pharmacy
  • Half of patients taking medication for high blood pressure discontinue taking their medication during long-term treatment

This is important, since the CDC estimates that non-adherence to medication prescriptions results in as many as 125,000 deaths annually in the United States, along with 30% to 50% of chronic disease treatment failures.

However, many people don’t mean to stop taking their medications as prescribed — they simply forget. We’re here to help. Don’t let minor obstacles like occasional memory loss stand in the way of you being able to live your daily life.

Your Healing Touch is proud to serve Central Indiana with high quality in-home personal care services for seniors and others in need. Whether you’re seeking companionship, help with laundry, meal preparation, light housework, medication reminders, or other services, we are committed to providing you with top-level care. For more information about our in home personal care services, contact us today!