There’s something special about human interaction;
it’s unlike anything else we can encounter in life.

It’s one thing to talk to friends on the phone, write letters or talk to people over the internet, but the magic that comes with being able to interact with someone face to face on a one-on-one basis is something truly special. As we grow older, we sometimes find ourselves by ourselves more often than we would like. Family may live further away than we’d like, spouses pass away, friends become less mobile and thus less easy to spend time with; all of these things result in a decrease in face to face interactions. While this is a normal part of life, we also don’t have to accept it and not make an effort to change it.

At Your Healing Touch, we serve Central Indiana with in-home personal care services for seniors and those in need. We offer everything from laundry and meal preparation services to light housework and errand transportation services.

Sometimes what you need is just the company of someone to spend time with, and here at Your Healing Touch, in addition to the many services we offer, we are pleased to offer companionship services as well.

Sometimes all you need is someone to sit and talk to. Sometimes all you need is someone just to sit and listen. Whatever the circumstances may be, Your Healing Touch offers companionship services for those of you in need. Whether it’s something as simple as having someone around just to have a conversation with, someone to help you with basic daily tasks, someone to assist you with technological devices, or someone to help you with your hobbies, Your Healing Touch is here to provide you an experienced professional who can help bring you the warmth and comfort that only the company of another human being can bring you.

At Your Healing Touch, we are proud to bring Indianapolis the best in-home care services possible. Whether you need someone to assist you with your laundry, help you with preparing a meal, give you a lending hand with getting dressed in the morning, or something as simple as being there to just have a meaningful conversation with, the experienced professionals Your Healing Touch are committed to providing you with the best service possible. For more information on our companionship services, as well as the other services we offer, contact us today.