As we grow older, sometimes things that were simple for us just a few years prior become a bit of a challenge. Whether we care to admit it or not, this is an inevitable part of life and growing, and while some of us have a hard time making this transition and admitting that we may need the help of a professional, accepting the help of someone else doesn’t mean giving up our independence. On the contrary; accepting the help of others in completing minor tasks makes it possible for us to get over these minor obstacles and continue to live our lives and do all the things we love to do.

At Your Healing Touch, we are proud to serve Indianapolis seniors with optimum home care services. Whether you need help preparing your lunch or dinner, assitance with light housework or laundry, or just someone to spend time with and talk to, Your Healing Touch aims to provide Central Indiana seniors with the best in home care services. Our professionals are happy to assist you in all those areas as well as many others.

As we age, one of the things that becomes more difficult to do is bathing ourselves. Our day starts with a nice bath or hot shower, and the feeling of being clean gives us the confidence and strength to conquer any challenge that the day throws at us. Being able to look our very best every single day also gives us confidence as we venture into the outside world, so not being able to perform this task for ourselves can be frustrating, to say the least. At your Healing Touch, our professionals are here to help you with basic bathing and showering, so that you don’t have to feel helpless or unable to take care of yourself. Our professionals are happy to assist you in bathing and showering, so you can continue to maintain your independence and go about your day, instead of struggling to complete the task on your own. Let us help you!

At Your Healing Touch, we are committed to providing seniors of Indianapolis with top-quality home care services. Whether you need help with bathing, a helping hand in the kitchen, a lift to the grocery store or pharmacy, our professionals are here at your service to help you live your life, so you can be happy and independent, For more information about our Central Indiana home care services, contact us today!