Compassionate Senior Mobility Assistance

One of the many services that Your Healing Touch provides is mobility assistance services. As we age, something as simple getting around on our own can be difficult. While this could easily turn everyday tasks into stress-filled ordeals, the professionals at Your Healing Touch are here to assist you. Whether you need help going up and down the stairs in your home, moving around from room to room, or if you’re recovering from an accident or surgery, we are here to help you get around conveniently and safely. Our goal is to enable you to continue living your life free of the obstacles that aging can bring.

Our at-home health care nurses and aides are skilled and highly-experienced in providing exceptional mobility care for the elderly in Indianapolis. Depending on the severity of your mobility issues, we can provide a range of services to ensure you maintain independence, including physical therapy, pain management, mobility assessments, and more. The natural aging process shouldn’t get in the way of you living a normal life. The home health care team at Your Healing Touch will ensure that you can lead a quality life.

At Your Healing Touch, we aim to provide seniors in the greater Indianapolis area with the absolute best in home-care services. Whether you’re looking for errand transportation services, help with meal preparation, assistance with doing light housework or simply need someone to sit and talk with, we are here to help. Our experienced professionals are here to help you with your in-home care needs.

We are committed to quality, giving our clients the absolute best service. You deserve to live your life with ease and dignity, and we are here to help assist you with your in-home needs. For more information about our in-home care services, contact us today.