1. Enjoy Growing Older In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

    Getting older is a part of being human, and our senior years bring new changes and challenges. Sometimes, these challenges make it difficult to continue living independently at home, and many older adults will move to nursing homes or assisted living facilities to receive the care or assistance they…Read More

  2. Making Your Home Safer For Seniors: Bathrooms and Stairs

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, each year, one in four Americans over the age of 65 takes a fall. Home is the most likely and common place to fall, and unfortunately, less than half of seniors reported that they would let their physician know about it unless it resu…Read More

  3. The Differences Between Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and In-Home Care

    When a person’s ability to live independently is challenged by injury, illness, or natural age-related changes, they are faced with a challenging question — what next? Some people may simply need help getting to and from the grocery store after retiring from driving. Others may require more comp…Read More

  4. The Precious Benefits That Our In-Home Care Can Provide For Your Loved One

    Today, modern medicine has helped to increase the life expectancy to new lengths, allowing us more valuable time to spend with our aging family members. Unfortunately, the complexities of senior health and reduced mobility can impact everyone’s quality of life. Instead of struggling to provide the…Read More

  5. Highlighting The Value Of Nutrition For Elderly Citizens

    As we age, our bodies change. This blanket statement can cover a lot of topics, but when it comes to the health of senior citizens, it’s important to know that your nutritional needs can change in addition to your taste buds. The result for many elderly residents is malnutrition, a lack of the ing…Read More

  6. Our In-Home Personal Care Team Offers Comprehensive Support

    Elderly residents across Indiana love the freedom of retaining their independence on their own property. Unfortunately, time and health will eventually lead to the need for in-home personal care for many citizens. If you have a loved one that needs continual care to retain a high quality of life, it…Read More